Thanks, again, to fuckyeahillustrativeart (FYIA!), for sharing my art!  It’s a wonderful resource for finding new, inspirational art.  I’ve been following it long before my work found it’s way there.  And, I’ve always found the curator’s selection of images to be a source of fresh and creative ideas.  If you love finding new, quality work by which to be inspired, go check out FYIA!

Blogs, Errata, Stuff…

I’m going to try to use this as a blog.  So, theoretically, more posts about my progresses, shows, friends’ works, inspirational imagery and people… just a more open format for communicating and sharing illustration/design shizzle.

To begin, the above image is a bandana design I did for a friends’ #BurningMan swag.  She’s a bad-ass and wanted me to design something sexual, cryptic, creepy, and rad.  Commissions like that are my jamz :)